Famous OGS and forum people

Who do you think is “famous” on OGS? (e.g. mark5000 - puzzles, course on becoming a SDK, anoek - Developer, etc.)
Who is well-known on forums? (e.g. Haze_with_a_Z, Gia, etc.)
Famous on forums: BHydden, Kosh, Vstovep, Yebellz, and Gia (discobot - bot)
Famous on OGS: He who Walks in Shadows
Edit2: Famous on forums: Eugene


You mentioned me :smiley: I feel popular now :sunglasses::upside_down_face::sunglasses:
You didn’t pay attention to the fact that I have only visited this site for a total of 84 days though. A bit hard to be famous if I haven’t visited that much compared to some. I am still proud that you mentioned me though. I think that Gia is more famous than me though. Unless it is for running out of likes(I feel accomplished that I didn’t do that today). I have run out of likes a lot recently. I may have read a lot and liked a lot recently, but I would argue that it is someone else.:no_mouth:
Thank you for thinking of me though. I am accomplished :smile::+1::upside_down_face::partying_face:
Edit(In italics and bold to stand out): I spent too much time talking about how I was proud of myself. The mod that I see the most on here is BHydden, and I see Kosh, Vstovep, and Yebellz a bunch(in addition to Gia). Also discobot is the most famous bot(even if he is WAY TOO STUBBORN in my private message with him. I was getting so annoyed about that at one point)

Edit #2:
In my opinion, the people famous on OGS are famous in specific things. If I go to the chat, I am sure some people would consider some “chat famous”(I don’t use the chat super often). If I were to give a relevant example to me, I do a lot of live 9x9 ASTs and visit the other ones for the chats, but He Who Walks in Shadows is one of the people I would say is AST tournament famous. Most people that have done an AST, especially the usual people will recognize him. In the blitz chat today(the one recently, no clue if it started), he said something and the next comment was someone saying hi to him. I feel like OGS famous is a little broad, especially seeing how many different things that can be done on there.


I think a more accurate term would be “well-known”, and that stems logically from their post frequency.


Maybe some people have more noteworthy or infamous posts than others, breaking the correlation somewhat?


No idea who that is :wink:

I think people on the forum come and go. The ones who were active here 2 years ago are different from the ones that are active now, or those that were 4 years ago, etc.

On the site, I think a special mention should go to Sadaharu, who has been playing an extraordinary amount of correspondence games since pretty much the beginning of this site in its current form


Also Trohde has been around and active from when I first started over 3 years ago and is still around a bunch (and a mod!)


“Famous” is both highly subjective and an odd label to use for us forum dwellers. There are probably only a few hundred or so people that are reasonably active on these forums, so that’s an incredibly narrow slice of an already esoteric gaming community.

This place is just a small group of people talking to each other about stuff and sometimes Go.

I think activity is more meaningful thing to look at instead of fame. It’s not hard to recognize the most active users after a while, but here are some statistics and lists:


I have no idea about the who’s famous in the actual Go playing part of the site, since I’m really just here to goof off in these forums.


Lmao you all are small time compared to ericjhan. A living legend that will never be forgotten. RIP eric.

I agree with yebellz. To anybody looking at these stats, I think looking at the yearly activity gives a better picture of activity. I rank 12th most active for the period of the last year, but I’m really inactive this last quarter. Forum activity tends to climb and fall as life gets in the way.

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You’re just cross about not being famous :stuck_out_tongue: I know that feeling :wink: :smiley:

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I definitely wish I had more time to spend with my friends here. I’m going through… stuff. But I try to keep up with what’s going on. More of a lurker these days.

That would be an interesting stat. Who are the biggest lurkers?


Sadaharu is well-know and probably Xhu. Uberdude is known but not on OGS anymore. The rest are probably more like “people you know”.

Like, topazg should be famous but how many ogsers know about him? Not very many, I guarantee it. Same goes for Julko.


Which way is the line for autographs?





I hope this helps. Just the player links to the people.


Top link. Expand please :angry:


I see haze_with_a_z , Eugene bhydden yebbelz a lot in the forum


I know both of them