(Feature req): Adding optional / configurable delay to conditional moves


Once you’ve experienced the immediacy of conditional moves taking effect are they still really all that jarring? I just think, “Oh, conditional moves,” then briefly consider whether my playing predictably is necessary or a detriment to my game before I go ahead and poorly place my next stone.


I don’t play many live games, but I think I have used conditional moves at least a couple of times in live games. It’s useful for handling a chain of obvious replies, while efficiently managing your clock.

I never play blitz, but I imagine that it could be a very useful tool there to save precious seconds (assuming that one is efficient with the interface).

A pause of a few seconds is enough time for a user to navigate away and miss that a response was automatically played.


Thank you for clarifying. It seems that you are proposing that using this feature would only delay the display of the your opponent’s conditional moves, at the cost of your own clock. This could be a reasonable feature as an option, but I think it would have to be disabled (or easy to toggle off) for blitz/live games.

I like this proposal more than the original that started this thread, which seems to suggest that delays would be introduced both ways. I think if a player prefers to get conditional moves immediately, they shouldn’t be forced to wait.