Feature request: Ability to give control in review mode

This is the only feature that is really missing in review mode and many teatcher stay on kgs for this.


I believe this feature exists, click on the person’s name to see the “Give Control” button.

Edit: but also, I’m interested in ideas on how to make the teaching platform more intuitive, as I’ve heard this is one of the major draws on KGS. I haven’t spent enough time there to fully understand its strengths.

Edit 2: linking a somewhat recent thread on Teaching Mode


Even I hop onto KGS for that feature at times. I rarely ever use KGS for anything else.

Benjito, I think OP meant “giving control of a color to a player” as in “you take white,I’ll take black and we’ll play the sequence against each other” in the review. That’s something OGS doesn’t have but KGS does and it is tremendously useful in interactive reviews with actual humans.


Oh wow, I would really find this useful as well. I really need to get familiar with KGS tools- are there any good guides out there?


ok never seen this button before ty <3 . As mentionned, the switch colors mode also can be so nice. Ty


Yeah Benjito that is also one of the possibilities if a teaching mode would be implemented… if people could also even switch colors that would be even more fantastic


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