Feature suggestion: hide my rank from me

I think such feature would be great for those that just want to enjoy casual go but are too ambitious/obsessed with numbers or ranks.

This request may seem somewhat stupid but I’m pretty sure that this would help me at least to play really just for the fun of it and let go of the need of progress that kills the fun part.


I think if you play in Zen mode and avoid your profile / home page you could almost achieve this

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This can only be done, if you only just play one game at the time…

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I’ve been thinking about something like this, but more on that at a later date. :slight_smile:

Currently, if you log onto OGS and want to play a game,…

  • you see your home screen and on the right-hand side, there’s your rank. Well, you can remove that with uBlock.
  • you select the [Play] menu item and you’re greeted with everyone else’s ranks, probably only those who are around your skill level. You can’t block it, that defeats the purpose of seeing match offers. You can block player names with a bit of tinkering, but that hides everyone’s name. Perhaps suboptimal.
  • so you play a game of automatch and when it starts, you quickly ( ;D )open the slide menu and click the Zen button. Fair enough, but zen doesn’t stick, so you have to do this everytime.
  • The game’s over, you follow the etiquette and say “thanks for the game” or something to that effect, and you see the text your opponent wrote. “Wow you’re only {insert rank here}? I could swear you’re sandbagging!” - yes, it’s getting harder now. You’ll have to block/ignore chat. Possible, but maybe not very socially well-received.

If you want to hide (from) your rank, … there’s a lot you need to hide (from) and ignore…

  1. Get an extension for your browser that can add custom css stylesheets and add the following to hide the ranks in chat, gamelists and the game clock from OGS, as well as the rating graphs:


  1. Get a word replacer extension that supports regex and replace the following with nothing for the game preview ranks:


Doesn’t work perfectly though, the word replacer activates before the games load, so you have to click the extension for it to refresh…


This makes challenging someone for a ladder game a lot more fun as well, I bet

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To avoid accidental peeking ultimate solution would be something like:


that is to hide everything and anything. I’ll try it out.

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These are good workarounds but what if I want this on my mobile? This is the way I play 9x9. I don’t think there are browser extensions for chrome on Android.

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I’d like to test this too, but i have no experience with programming.
How to install this? and is this account bound or only on one Computer ?

Firefox on Android supports plugins. It’s not my primary browser, but I use it with the Stylus plugin allowing me to override the CSS on Sensei’s Library to make it readable on my phone. I’ve found that not all plugins work well, so it’s a matter of trial and error.

This is a big thing to do “properly”. There are many many places your rank appears, including in the challenge list and game history etc.

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