Game clock started running this weekend

I have at least one game that usually stop on the weekends, but the counters are running down. The time is flashing and the weekend indicator shows, but the time is still going down.

Does anyone know the cause or how to fix?

It is paused for the weekend now, so maybe the devs saw your post and fixed it. My own games were unaffected, so I suspect it was particular to your game. The cause may be related to the Simple time control that you used. Simple time is known to be buggy and is very rarely used for a correspondence games. You could get the same effect by using Fischer time, one day to start, one day added per move with a limit up to one day.

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FWIW, I recently lost a game on time …

  • while I was on OGS vacation
  • and it was a game w/o time limits


As it happens, my game with @trohde restarted four hours early (at about 8 p.m. tonight). Having made my move, trohde’s clock is now running though the weekend pause should still be in effect. @anoek

Weekend finished almost 3 hours ago, it’s UTC midnight to midnight

Yes, anoek just explained that to me. I thought it was EST, where his servers are (I think), but it is Midnight GMT/UTC.

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