Game page wider right column (game chat etc)

FYI if you turn on “experimental interface settings” under General Settings (and maybe you had that turned on already!) then the right column is now wider - the Goban will try to be as big as it can be, then the right column will try to take up most of the remaining space.

(the discussion leading up to this follows…)


Do you mean you’d like it like this sort of thing?



I know I can temporarily change it from within the page, but it’s too burdensome to do it all the time.

Note: I have a standard laptop, in a normal PC screen it’s probably wide enough, but on a smaller screen it’s very obvious.


We’ll see what anoek thinks. Add an experimental option to have the `right-col` fill the space more. by GreenAsJade · Pull Request #2288 · online-go/ · GitHub


This is available as an experimental feature now.

To turn it on, you need to reload your browser, then go to Settings → General Settings and turn on “enable experimental interface settings”


I can’t wait to get off work so I can go home and try it!!! :heart:

(… Also I can’t wait to get off work.)


It looks significantly better. :heart_eyes:

Especially with reviews, it’s half the scrolling all up and down

For reference:

Also, I have experimental features on anyway, thankyouverymuch


Nice last move, by the way


Thanks for the screenshots.

Interestingly, your screen is much more “landscape” than I had tried (wider than it is high).

Do you think that the right column should always expand out to near the goban, in the way that you see in my screenshot? Or is the compromise that you get in your wide layout kind of OK anyhow.

I had been intending for it always to look like my screenshot.

Here’s what I see if I try to make it look like the way I had thought it would work on your size screen:

Is that better, or actually too extreme? :slight_smile:

Actually she made a great comeback from around move 130, which just goes to illustrate the wisdom of @smurph … “don’t resign before turn 150 ever” :slight_smile:


Thanks, @GreenAsJade, the new chat width is AWESOME, I wasn’t really aware of what I missed until you gave this to us.

And thanks also to you, @Gia, for pushing GaJ to do this :smiley:
Nicely placed bragging, BTW :stuck_out_tongue: Great games, BTW!

I really love this place. So! Many! Wonderful! People!


I love the new layout as well!

While we are on the topic of game page layout, is it just me or do do the new analysis buttons at the bottom of the game board seem a bit redundant since we already have the “analyze game” option in the sidebar?

The biggest reason I don’t like those buttons though is that at least for my laptop screen, it creates just enough length in the page that a side scrolling bar is now needed at the right hand side of the page even though it can only move up and down ever so slightly.

Am I the only one experiencing that or did everyone who just took screenshots in this thread conveniently crop it out? For me that new sidebar gets in the way and is just kind of annoying to look at.


Someone else mentioned this (Uberdude maybe?).

I haven’t seen it myself - could you provide a screenshot and browser and screen size details?

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It’s unthinkable for the goban to be smaller than the chat!

I know my laptop screen has a slightly different aspect ratio, playing video games often means I have to play around with graphics options… :frowning: :woman_shrugging:t2:

The improvement is significant, I don’t know if technically it’s easy to give let’s say another 10% width or it would need too much time, considering, to get it right on all screens. Maybe it’s too much trouble, I can live with what we got. :slight_smile:

I used the same game GaJ used initially, for consistency. :wink:

I get that, too. I’ll try to take some screenshots tonight.

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Here’s the thing: the Goban is square. It’s unthinkable that it can be rectangle.

This means that the maximum width of the Goban is equal to the screen height (and you will see that it is always the maximum size square that can be fitted).

Given that constraint, what should be done with the extra space when the screen is more than twice as wide as it is high?

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You missed my joke, but OK :woman_shrugging:t2:

As I’ve mentioned, I can live with it not fitting as perfectly as in your example, because it’s significantly better than before.


Hah you got me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

While you can live with it as it is, would you prefer the “fixed” version?

(A question to everyone of course)


It’s my personal opinion, but in my screen specifically, it would look like the goban is pushed too far to the left (it has to, because dimensions and square). It feels somewhat disorienting. I prefer how it looks now.

In your own screen (first example) it seems alright, in mine the proportions needed for full coverage seem off.

Maybe others see it differently.

Thanks for making more space for chatting available.
Is it also possible to add a second line in the writing window?
Would love that.


This is what I get: two scrollbars on the right. It’s quite difficult to select the scrollbar on the right since it’s so thin and squeezed between the other scrollbar and the popup side menu.
Edit: actually that problem existed with the old setting.

A second line in the writing window could be useful but the second line should only appear if you type more than 1 line, otherwise one more line of the past chat would be hidden.


This is not really related, but the most recent comment
from that screenshot gives me a funny idea:

a significantly-multiplayer (it would need to be fairly large, to keep things somewhat
close to normal Go) rengo where 2 players - one assigned to team, chosen at the start
and known to everyone - are saboteurs, each trying to help the other team win. ​ :slight_smile:

(To avoid the game ending almost-immediately but still allow it to end, one would need

passes by those 2 players don’t count towards ending the game
those 2 players are not allowed to play in the
Benson-even-when-suicide-is-allowed eyes
for their stones’ color

, ​ and to avoid it being good for those players to just throw
away stones at the end, one would need area scoring.)