Game rolled back from move 20 to move 6

It happened in the recent server maintenance in the past 10 minutes or so.
There is evidence in the chat log that we got as far as move 20.

The same thing here, 2 games and Both of them timed out.

Same here in my correspondence game
It moved back 3 moves and gave my opponent a win by timeout (which means that I am kicked out of the sitewide Mingren Tournament). I hope the admins @matburt @anoek or @gamesorry can fix it. Oh, and the top group looks like a bloody mess. I don’t think that so many dan players timed out. Wow, the clocks still show time on games lost by time out…

Lots of my correspondence games rolled back and then timed out…

A ton of my games timed out. I think this is due to maintenance and isn’t permanent? Can we get an update from devs about what’s going on and when it will be fixed?

Same here. Have at least on that rolled back that I know for sure, and 2 or 3 that timed out that I don’t think should have.

I had two games roll back to very early in the game. OGS forum post indicates that this may be permanent. I already contacted moderator on my two games to see if they can just be annulled in that case

@bayu I made a post about wrong timeout and disqualification status before it occurred again today:

Unfortunately I’m not an admin that could change these things other than posting in the forums. Hope @anoek and @matburt or other admins could help resolving this soon as it has occurred to many players/tournaments now.

I hope you get requalification powers. That’d be really helpful. Otherwise I’d consider halting the tournament and restarting it. Well, your call, not mine.

Thanks for responding and thinking about solutions. Having a tournament director who cares is already a big improvement over the aftermerge tourneys.

I just had a game that had actually ended come back from the dead rolled back a bunch of moves…

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Everybody please read this thread:

And, repeating what I wrote in another thread:

Hopefully you’ll feel slightly better after reading my comment and implicit (and radical) suggestion there, knowing that, thank heavens, I am not the deciding person here :wink: