Games I can't see or access (notification circle not working)

I click on black circle at top right corner to get to games were I need to make a move. But it takes to a game were I have made a move. I have time out on one game because it never show up in notification. I know it and because I saw it in a email notification.

This is the same as reported in this thread among others: Notifications and outstanding game count not working

I haven’t seen anoek online much since his move… not sure if that mean he’s working madly on it, or if he’s still otherwise detained…

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Same here, my notification stone are dead…

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FTR I’m finally working on this, sorry for the delay. New house is nice, but I’ll be happy if I never have to move again :slight_smile:


Thanks anoek, we don’t mind waiting :slight_smile:

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