Games no longer pausing on weekend for Round 2 of tourney

I’m playing in the following tournament: .

In the first round, time clocks for all games paused for the weekends. Round 2 just started a few days ago and this morning I notice that the clock is still ticking even though it is a weekend. It did not pause.

My questions are:

  1. Can this be fixed by a moderator so that the time clocks will pause on weekends as they should?

  2. If not, then will the games be annulled if I resign? I seem to remember that if a player resigns within a certain number of moves, the game will be annulled. I don’t remember how many moves that is.

Thank you.

I found an answer to my 2nd question here: How is a game ranked if it is called "annulled"? When would it be annulled? .

According to trohde, a 19x19 game will be annulled if it is canceled before 19 moves have been played.

I’d still like for a moderator to correct the problem with the time clock not pausing as it did during the first round.

I think it’s more than just that one tournament. I’ve had several tournament games not pause yet this weekend, including some that did pause last weekend and earlier.