Gender Survey

Easiest thing is to just make a new one.


Couldn’t a moderator just clear the flag and/or edit the post somehow?

I think the meta-discussion about privacy, sensitivity, openness could also useful be to keep around in this context.


Enough time has passed that I can now edit the post to unhide it. I could do that, but would need to close that poll and start a new one… Probably the best option at this point.


Editing an existing poll has the effect of clearing its votes, I think.


I get an error that a poll cant be edited more than five minutes after opening

Updated poll with *private* voting

Which gender do you identify as?

  • Male (including transgender men)
  • Female (including transgender women)
  • Non-binary
  • Agender
  • Gender Fluid
  • Other

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Note to OGS moderators and staff: If I were you guys, I would be discouraging this discussion. This is the kind of issue that divides and damages online communities, as seen recently on Stack Exchange, Node.js and other places.

It starts with polls and awareness. Soon you will have Codes of Conduct, endless arguments about rules, online drama, public accusations, and people getting banned because they violated somebody else’s petty rule (in the Stack Exchange case, there wasn’t even a violation; a moderator was banned because she disagreed with a proposed rule that wasn’t even in effect yet).

The attempt to make a community more welcoming to a tiny minority (trans = 0.03% of the poulation or so) often makes the community less welcoming to reasonable people who dislike this discussion and want to stay away from it. That is a terrible trade, because the latter outnumber the former by orders of magnitude.

Better to nip it in the bud right now. Just create a rule stating that discussion of divisive or contentious topics unrelated to the game of Go is not welcome, including religion, politics, sexuality, “gender” issues, vi vs. emacs, etc.

For everyone else, I suggest poisoning the poll with fake responses, as I have done.

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Yes, i have one.

If you are not interested in this topic, you can mute it. You can find this function at the bottom of each thread.

If you want to discuss only go, you can mute the whole “general chat” category in your forum settings.

The same is possible if a users.


Just as an aside, I believe the problems with SE are not because discussion on gender got out of hand, but because the community has lost its confidence in the management team. The real issue is a lack of transparency, the fact that mods and community managers get fired without proper reasons, that the management team relicensed the content of the website without consent, that their response to all of this has been very poor, and several other things like this.

The gender discussion is not really what has been the problem.


Whenever new poll is posted on OGS forum


@BronzeV I understand your concerns, but I - as a user and not a promoter - have read the poll as a normal attempt to have a statistic on how many man/ladies are playing Go on OGS. Yes, there are also other genders that probably are not represented correctly among the proposed choices. Probably it would be enough to add Others as the third option due to their supposed residual statistical relevance.
Do not make a drama for it. And for me… welcome to all the genders.


This was exactly my intention with this poll. In the course of playing on OGS, I tend to think of every opponent as “he” and was simply curious what percentage of players actually are guys.

The inclusion of other genders in the poll was simply my best attempt at not leaving anyone out. I never intended for this thread to turn into a discussion on gender politics. It only veered that way because I mistook the initial flagging of this thread due to user privacy concerns for something that it was not.

The poll is far from ideal, but it will serve its purpose in giving some idea as to the statistics. I’m curious what Google Analytics has to say about it. @anoek Do you have any insights for us?

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You may be overestimating the number of people that take issue with these types of polls.

I, for one, would love to know which text editor is more popular in the Go community. (SPOILER: if it’s emacs, I am quitting this game.)


4 posts were split to a new topic: Text editors that Go players like

Back on topic: did this poll need to clarify about transgender? Don’t transgender people by definition identify as the nominated gender, so calling it out was superflous, after phrasing the question correctly (as was done)?

I suspect that if this call-out had not been done, transgender people would have felt included by the question, and people who find the topic hard to countenance would not have had it drawn to their attention :wink:


You’re right. In fact, I suppose my specification that they are included could potentially be offensive to a transgender person :pensive:

Moral of this story: it is seriously hard to come up with a correct poll :smiley: :smiley: (I feel the pain, see “should analyse mode default off” :slight_smile: )

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I was just about to say that the sentiment around almost every poll I’ve encountered here (mine and others) seems to be something like this:


Google analytics reports 73.65% male 26.35% female
Forums: 79.25% male 20.75% female