Go Pro Yeonwoo English YouTube Channel!

I really enjoyed this video and this pro game. So creative and such exciting fighting. Throw the joseki book away and just make it up as you go along. So refreshing!


To quote from a newspost I got today from the official Yeonwoo OGS Group:

(…) the new school of Yeonwoo and Young Sun Yong, awesome baduk [at awesomebaduk.com is in beta testing.]

At the moment the school is still in progress, but I can tell you that the quality of the videos are amazing.

Imagine having the chance to learn from Yeonwoo like you do on the videos she posts, but also having the chance to ask questions about the lessons!

And on top of that, also learning from a World Champion like Young Sun Yong!

tl;dr Yeonwoo’s Go school project now has a webste at awesomebaduk.com.


Awesome Baduk also has its own channel (thanks for the tip-off @Gia)


Channel’s alive again.

It seems like new videos are going to be posted on the Awesome Baduk channel as well.

Yeonwoo shares two problems from my Go teacher’s new book Diabolical


At some point recently the channel reached 10k subs.


Looks like a cool book! Hopefully it will be available outside Australia one day :grin:

It’s available anywhere if you can justify the shipping haha

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Could someone post the new video, please? The “studying games for three hours ASMR” one? Phone is phone.

If you want to make one then feel free. I prefer Yeonwoo, personally.

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New one:

Pretty useful! :grin: I came up against a similar situation recently (3-3 invasion, double hane, opponent strong on that side) and I didn’t know what to do so I played the ponnuki anyway. Then I was sad :slightly_frowning_face: But with Yeonwoo’s ideas, next time will be better, hehehe :smiling_imp:


It looks like AwesomeBaduk is set up now. I hope it’s a success.

Video unrelated.

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Good mini-lecture on a common early peep


Old one not in this topic yet and pretty fun. A review of a Hikaru No Go game that is actually a classic game between Shusaku and Shuwa:


We(Young Sun Yoon 8p and Yeon Woo Cho 2p) opened the ‘Awesome Baduk’ video Go platform about a month ago.

We discovered the needs of Go players while running our YouTube channel. After researching how to teach them in a fun and systematic way, we decided to create a video Go website. We want to help many Go players to motivate, improve their skills, and have fun.

Currently, you can use our site for free for one month. We hope to be able to help and communicate with many Go players.

If you come to our Discord group, you can communicate with many Baduk players and share a lot of information.

Tomorrow we will be our first streaming game comment at 15:00 (German time). Next Monday, 09.09, the 1st Awesome Baduk Tournament will also start.

We would be very grateful if you could share our website with many people who are interested in learning Go.

Website - www.awesomebaduk.com
Discord - Awesome Baduk
Twitch - Twitch


That’s tomorrow as in August 7th according to another post, in case there’s timezone confusion


So right now, huh?

There’s no stream going, though…

On twitch it says AwesomeBaduk twitch channel was last live 2 hours ago, and there’s a clip from it but no VOD.

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