Go Zendo

Sorry I need to work now - I have to prepare my bachelor presentation for next week. I would host such a game when I have more time, but not right now.

I have to sleep , I can play tmr morning.
Wah 71 posts in two hours I bet it will surpass go meme.

Okay, I’ll do one when I come back in an hour or so.


Ok as long as it isn’t too easy.

Don’t worry, depending on the Master’s rule, this can be (almost) arbitrarily difficult. :smiling_imp:


Game Three

These ones know the Buddha-Nature:
image image image image image

These ones do not:
image image image image image image


How does this stack up?

untitled (1)

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Trying to check whether there is color inversion symmetry:

untitled (20)

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Okay let’s see about this one:

untitled (2)

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And can you do a shortcut to game three, please, in the originial post?

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I have some ideas, but I’ll wait to see submissions from others before trying them out :slight_smile:

But first let’s just see something. I think this should be red:

untitled (4)

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Translating a known red board one step down, removing some liberties:

untitled (21)

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This position?

untitled (5)

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ooh, interesting. Haven’t thought of that, frankly, but I wrote my rule down to be sure of the wording, and this here does indeed apply.

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untitled (6)

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still green

Interesting, this was red but when the white stone is one higher it’s green.

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And now it’s red?

untitled (7)

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I’ll throw out a guess: the green boards are those where there is a 2x2-region with a single black stone and a single white stone, not directly adjacent to each other. (i. e. a shoulder hit shape)

I have a guess, but I’ll hide it so I don’t spoil the fun.

My guess

There must be at least one shoulder hit that has not been responded to.

Edit: Basically the same thing. le_4TC beat me by a few seconds :laughing:

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