Group-specific games

on sunday of Learn Go Week we have a group of players from Queensland and New South Wales congregating in the Australia group to play socially.

is there a way to create games that only players in that group can see / kibitz on, the way rooms work in KGS?

if not, are there plans to implement this / may i volunteer to do the coding and testing on it?

I am sure that private games (for groups also) are on the “to do” list. Unless they have sneaked in already.

…i’m not sure. i am sure they haven’t happened already. just tried running a teams match in the Australia room yesterday. people had to hunt down their respective opponents for the match games manually, because you couldn’t throw up a room-specific challenge or a room-specific game and have it visible in the games page.

when your standard is “not even as good as KGS”…

At the moment, there is no way to limit your games to a certain Group that you are member of, but as Pempu already pointed out, it’s on the ToDo list.

Please don’t forget that KGS had ~10 years to be where it is now. We started off in October 2013 and thus things aren’t as far developed as established servers. We will get there, slow and steady. :slight_smile: The developers have actually coded a great deal of stuff already, in a timeframe that is a lot faster then any Go-Server before that.

If our standard is not good enough for you, then I am sorry for the inconvenience. You might want to come back at a later time in the year, we certainly will be a lot closer to implementing these features then! :wink:



Thanks for understanding. :sunny:

Oh, I understand.

It’s just… OGS is, just barely, my favourite go server. It’s clean, modern, has an API, has good correspondence game support and runs in a browser. After a decade of KGS that gets you a lot of brownie points with me, and buys a lot of patience.

Even this much patience.

Seriously? I wish I didn’t have to keep apologising to people and making excuses for why OGS doesn’t have basic features. I wish my favourite go server didn’t embarrass me like this. If you think that I’m some unique snowflake, the only one for whom your…“slow and steady” is a reason not to evangelise OGS and not to introduce more players onto it, you’re dreaming. It’s just that most of the others have run into your attitude problem so much that they no longer bother trying to talk to you about it. That’s some sort of victory for the OGS team, I guess. Was it the victory you were looking for when you signed up to help out here?

I suppose I could pass on the “they don’t want to just yet so they told us to fuck off and make our own” subtext of your replies to all the Australian players wondering why we’re persisting with meeting on here when KGS is right over there. Maybe instead I’ll go make some more excuses for you, see if I can stretch out their patience some more. Maybe when we do come back later in the year to organise, there’ll be some progress on group rooms that are rooms.

When it turns out there isn’t, I suppose we’ll cope anyhow. You’ve certainly made it clear exactly how much you could care.

No reason to be mad.

Maybe you forgot that we are humans too. We have a work 5-6 days of the week, we have family and friends that need our presence and time, and we have hobbies next to Go, too. In the spare time, we create this Go Server for free, and we love to do it.

Matburt and anoek chose to code the core basics of the website in their own pace.

You disagree with that choice, and that’s cool.

But don’t come here, yelling at us how less we care. It’s neither fair nor adequate. :no_entry_sign:

…you’re right. I apologise for my tone. And volume.

I’d be happy to pitch in on the coding rather than yell, but that doesn’t appear to be a thing.

Good luck with whatever the plan is.

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Anoek and Matburt aren’t willing to take on new developers right now, for some of the same reasons they don’t immediately jump on every feature request. Managing groups of developers is difficult. Choosing which features to concentrate on and how to integrate them is also tricky. To me, they seem to be doing a good job. Personally, I’m impressed how quickly they do manage to add new features, as well as their response time to bugs. In discussions with them, I’ve urged them to continue to trust their instincts and not be swayed too much by user suggestions (or demands, as they often seem to be phrased), because they’ve demonstrated very good judgement thus far.


FTR this feature has been planed since day one and all of the core stuff on the server already supports it, but we put off integrating it into the UI on the back burner until things got big enough to warrant the feature. There are a few groups that are big enough that it might actually get used now, and it’s come up a few times recently so we’ll likely get to it in the not too distant future.


Ah. Good. :slight_smile: