Guess the person/ 20 questions

  1. No.
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  1. Does he write in a language originating in Asia (counting Russian as European)?

I was first thinking Kawabata because of “Meijin”, but they’re mentioned in the book club… Also, I guess Kawabata is dead, so it wouldn’t have been right anyways

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  1. Yes.
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Glad to have excluded Russian!

  1. Does he write in Japanese?
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No, he does not write in Japanese.

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What we know:

  1. Male
  2. Real
  3. Living
  4. Over 55
  5. Not mentioned in Book Club
  6. Writes non-realistic science fiction for adults
  7. Writes in an asian language excluding russian and japanese

2 more questions

All writers outside of English or European languages that I know of are either dead, wrote in Russian or in Japanese, so I have no clue at the moment…


I think we should figure out what language he writes and what type of fiction (science, historical, fantasy)

  1. Does he write realistic fiction?
  1. No.
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  1. Scifi?
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  1. Yes.
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  1. Does he write in Chinese?

If so, solve for Liu Cixin

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  1. Yes.
    Note: Isn’t that like conditional moves?
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I think that would count as a question.

(the “if so”)

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Hurray! Just in time :slight_smile:

Yup, but he’s head and shoulderst above any other Chinese scifi writer with regard to popularity in the West, as far as I can tell, so if it wasn’t him, I don’t think we’d have a chance anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, my turn, I think.

Male, real, alive.

  1. Over 45.
  2. Not a sportsman, Go player, etc.
  3. Not an artist
  4. Not a politician
  5. Profession is not directly related to coding
  6. Not an actor
  7. Not a youtuber / streamer
  8. Over 60
  9. Over 80
  10. Does not create electronics
  11. Not over 100
  12. Officially retired, but not really
  13. Involved in a “movement”, but not as occupation
  14. Not known to be rich
  1. Over 45?
  1. Yes

2.“Game” Player?