Handicap By Komi

I swear there is a proper term for the concept of handling a handicap game with Komi alone. I thought it was Reverse Komi, but it doesn’t appear to be. At least I cannot find anything describing it being used for handicapping on Sensei’s Library. Can someone refresh my memory?

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I remember this being used in Hikaru no go. When Akira Toya and Hikaru first become Pro players they each play a top level pro. They take black and get a reverse Komi. But other than that i cant think of a time i have heard it being used… except when i use it in my teaching games.

Reverse komi is very commonly used, I think, for handicap games. I use it regularly in my Saturday IRL games. It is in Sensei’s Library here, https://senseis.xmp.net/?ReverseKomi


Thanks @Conrad_Melville :slightly_smiling_face:. I had found that article, but was disappointed it didn’t contain more information. Sensei’s Library is a bit of a giant clutter. Like a hoarder’s house full of newspapers. The one from April 4th 1957 is in there, but you’re going to have to find it :wink:


Latest development on this topic: a tournament with reverse Komi

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