I think if your religion believes and teaches something for long enough, and then it turns out that belief isn’t correct (or just isn’t aligning with societies morals anymore) it’s plausible people following the religion start to question other things that don’t make sense, and worse case the religion falls apart.

I imagine various priests/pastors etc, and so on lose their prominence and income in society etc.

Evolution is just one more thing in a list of objections really by the Catholic Church eg Copernican heliocentrism - Wikipedia, Martin Luther - Wikipedia and the idea that you don’t need to give money to the church to get into heaven.

Note that in 2014, Pope Francis declared that evolution and the Big Bang are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’. He said that both of these scientific theories are not incompatible with the existence of a creator and he made comments against creationism and intelligent design. The ‘inventor’ of the Big Bang theory was even a catholic priest.

As I understand it, some of the dogmatic shift in the Catholic Church was officialised as a result of the Second Vatican Council of 1962–5, under the papacy of Paul VI, which presumably eased the long-running tension between the Church officialdom and the “Modernists” (that had been brewing, at that point, for over fifty years.

Sadly, the teaching of fallacious arguments for intelligent design (eg. the “eye / pocket watch explanation”) is not entirely absent from British state schools. It has, however, been shifted into the “Religous Studies” or “Religous Education” subject and presented in the context of “understanding what different religions believe”.

The chicken can also be an altered animal from the dino times. Just like how monkeys changed into us. And then they had eggs and stuff. I’m not sure… :thinking:


I found a great two-minute explanation of pterosaur classification in this video:


wing-finger, actually. A foot is ποῦς.



Indeed, the dactyl of polydactyl etc.

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