Has AI taught us anything new recently?

Well I think it more or less doesn’t matter because we don’t understand the opening well. Pros can probably read out 50+ moves of endgame and know the score, they can probably pick a handful of moves that fair out reasonably well in middle game from a given board position.

The opening still isn’t well understood I don’t think which is evidenced by all of the changes brought in by AI.

Realistically what decision making goes into picking the first joseki? It’s mostly direction of play, can I get a moyo if I go this way or the start of a framework or sente. I feel like it would have to go very bad (like missing a ladder breaker bad) for you to want to resign after the first joseki.

Second joseki on the board really has to be right I think to keep a game even. I’d guess after two joseki have been played you could say whether one side has gained something or if the game is even more so than you could after only the first one is played.

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Thank you @SanDiego :slight_smile: