Hiding everything except the next move

When playing out the suggested moves in the AI review, I find it hard to see how the board develops, because all future moves are already displayed. They are dimmed but IMHO not enough. I would like a setting where you can disable the display of all the future moves except for the next one.

This could work as follows. When you are at a given point in the game, you click on the field that the AI review suggests you should play for a better result. This should display the whole suggested (numbered) sequence of moves dimmed. When you click on the move with the number 1, this move is displayed full intensity. All future moves exept the next one (displayed dimmed) are no longer shown. Click on this move and move 2 is displayed full intensity, move 3 dimmed etc. This way you can clearly see what the state of the board is at each move, which is kinda hard when all future moves are already displayed.


I can’t stress enough how much this annoys me when reviewing with AI. Disabling the ai review is not good enough because then I don’t get the initial suggested moves.


My only issue with it is when there is a ko or throw ins or somewhere when some kind of capture and fill in occurs. It’s very hard to see and I think it still shows the last move first. So move 3 won’t be visible at all because move 7 was played at the same spot later on.


I also noticed that there are sometimes lots of moves missing in one playout. This issue would also be solved if my suggestion is implemented. Two birds with one stone.

@anoek Whadayareckon?

Sounds like a good option to have, I didn’t realize it was an annoyance to people. I guess the question is where to stick the toggle.

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Maybe you don’t need a toggle, because you can always see the complete sequence. By clicking on one of the numbered AI moves the user indicates that they want to see moves one at a time, I would say. Until then they see the complete sequence.


I have the same problems others have noted with looking at moves suggested by the AI. But I have a simpler suggestion for how to resolve it. Those suggested moves are variations. Treat them like variations. When I mouse-over a position on the board suggested as a move it should flash up the whole sequence, just like mousing over a variation left in the message-box by RoyalZero or by a human opponent. If I click on the suggested move it should add the variation to the move-tree so I can explore it, just like I would with a variation left by an opponent in the message-box.


If this is possible I would prefer this, but I don’t know the feasibility of this behavior.

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