How black can prevent white from make 2 eyes on this case?

It is on J3 to J1 and H1 block.

Thanx in advance.

At this point in the game, black can’t kill that white group.

It is a living shape for white.


I don’t think there was ever a clean kill of that group. Sometimes the question is better asked as IF instead of HOW :smiley:

Your best bet would be the descent at G2 at the move 48 (just like the AI is suggesting) at which point I THINK you can make it a ko, but it is SUPER complicated and in all honesty probably not worth bothering with too much if you are relatively new to the game - had to consult KataGo myself. Even with that B is unlikely to win though.
I have left you a variation, but warned you :wink:


I see, thanks.

Í’ll try your ideas… thanx.

Hi there, I ended up doing a full game reveiw after putting a load of variations in your comment section. I hope you find it helpful. I have also included (The second link) a link to a turorial i wrote up for new playes that you might find helpful.


To request more game reveiws and to ask anyquestions, please post a link up in this thread and i shall get right on that for you.


I’ll see your notes. Thanx a lot!

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No worries at all my dude. If you need any other help, please feel free to ask!!!