How can I download an analyzed game as SGF?

How can I download an analyzed game as SGF? When I click the Download SGF button, only the game is downloaded, not the analysis done afterward.

You want the button under it; “SGF with AI Review”


That didn’t work for me. Again, the SGF loaded into Gorilla shows only the game, not the many analysis trees I made. When I look at the SGF I can see the AI review data, but again not my analysis moves.

If you’re looking to download an SGF of your own analysis, you’ll need to create a review and do your analysis in the review.

When you’re finished reviewing, you can click “Download SGF” or “SGF with comments”.

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 8.14.32 PM


Thank you. This worked for me, but I have to get out of the habit of Analyzing instead of Reviewing. i am using GoRilla to view downloaded SGF game/review records, but it is very bad software compared to OGS. Why can’t OGS upload SGF from my computer?

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You can upload sgf to your ogs library. Is that what you mean?


That works, thanks. Learning all of OGS takes awhile.


If you have any suggestions on how to make the site more intuitive for new users, there’s discussion about that here How intuitive is OGS for new users?

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Thank you. I have posted an essay there.

I hope it will contribute to the discussion.

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