How do people keep track of ko and superko in tournaments?

There’s some situations like the “send two return one” repetition which Japanese rules (counting captures) kind of takes care of by itself right?

Forcing the position to loop over and over loses more and more points and eventually it should be that you’ve accumulated enough points to lose the fight in the corner and still win?


Yes, but triple ko is a thing


I believe flovo is talking about this one


I might have yelped.


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And to answer you original question about how ppl keep track of that: i think that repetition is obvious even for someone who has never seen a game of go before ^_____^


Declaring a tie seems reasonable, but I think technically these games (if not already) should also be considered annulled, since the “no result” outcome should not be treated the same as a tie (e.g., from jigo with integer komi) by the rating system.

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IMO superko is not the same as adjudicating “no result” in case of triple ko (or other repititions not handled by the basic ko rule).

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IIRC no-results, ties and annulments are all the same for ogs scoring algorithm, it only understands wins and losses, other results have no impact on rating calculations. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

Ties are ties, the rating algorithm can deal with them. Annulled games don’t count for rating, and no-result doesn’t exist on OGS for games which ended in any way.


I was trying to think of a good thread to share (from go4go) - quadruple ko game.