How intuitive is OGS for new users?

Another small annoying thing : I once congratulated my opponent for a recent win on a high rank, and he asked : how do you know about it ? I told him that on a game page you had to click twice on your opponent pseudo to get his profile. He did not know about it although he already had 100 game SF on OGS. I guess a button « Profile » next to « challenge » or « friend » would do it.

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Maybe if you define a new user as a beginner to playing Go. What if the new user to the website is a pro Player using OGS to review or make videos with a demo board etc (which is happening).


Still the same thing. OGS reviews aren’t bad because they’re hard to find, which would make them a new user issue. They are bad because they do a poor job of fulfilling their full job description, regardless of your expertise on either the goban or OGS server.


I guess my point about the review feature being a ‘new user issue’ is that some experienced users might come to OGS with certain expectations. Maybe they’ve played and reviewed on other servers (KGS, IGS, Fox, etc) or other website like GoKibitz.

I still think this thread’s primary focus is “how intuitive is it to find our features” rather than “how well do our features actually work”


Can it be fixed by just changing the icon for menu—it could even just say MENU? This might actually make the below moot.

If it’s possible to organize the UI better that makes sense.

I don’t know web-dev enough to tell what’s reasonable but, alternatively with “go to full site” button

If it uses similar layout as the main one’s, I’m guessing it’s not that hard—once familiarizing oneself with it—to move to the main site. A person with an ancient computer would stay on it. core + teaching tools

(Would it update semi-automatically when “core” updates?)

At the moment my thought for addressing “finding out about the left menu” is to have it open by default when people start here, and so you actively collapse it the first time.


ooooh that’s actually really clever :smiley:

To have to close it each time you use this page later? Not a so good idea.

No, only each time you sign in for the first time on a new device.


And when cookies get cleared out for some reason or other :joy:

IME this is quite rare, though you are correct and others probably experience it more frequently.

Maybe we could consider making it a desktop only feature, but at the end of the day it’s not that inconvenient to close a menu :man_shrugging:

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Bring the pitchforks, we riot.


Eh, people have rioted over less TBH :wink::upside_down_face:


Don’t explain my jokes man :-/

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Did I? :thinking: :man_shrugging: sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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i didnt know there was a hidden menu on the left until i saw it on a twitch stream.

also the top menu bar is cut off when the window is too small (i rarely go fullscreen with my browser) with no indication that there are more links available. for a while i didn’t know how to access my profile other than clicking on my own name in a chatroom.

also, when you cut off parts of a menu then you should order the entries by importance. ladders and the broken leaderboards are probably not more important than your own profile …


My own profile should be at the top of the list, it’s the page I use most by far.

The other one is the forum.

That’s the two quick access I put in my browser frontpage.

Of course different users may have other ways to use the site (I m using the chat very few for example)


It would be nice if players could customise the home page.


I still do that, more or less, clicking on my name somewhere (in notifications, or the home pages etc) . Even when OGS is almost fullscreen or fullscreen for me, it doesn’t show the profile button most of the time on most pages. I don’t bother opening the Hamburger menu to go down to profile.

Technically, if you click on some empty space on that top menu bar, you can use the tab button to tab across to the profile button. It’s still there it’s just hidden, and tabbing can bring it into view. I still don’t think it’s convenient.