How is that possible? (How unranked affects ranking)


I’am glad to amuse you. The solution for me is clear and was clear before, thanks.

It was one last try to explain, whats bothering me with that in a long term perspective, for the platform. The example above pointed it out in a short way.

If its only me, and everybody else think there is no problem and never will, then no further discussion is needed.


You’ve formulated your entire position in this thread around a completely ridiculous and unfounded assumption that people who prefer unranked games do so because they are deliberately trying to be deceitful toward weak players. The results of unranked games don’t affect anybody. If you don’t want to play unranked, nobody is forcing you to. Get over it and move on.


(Forumite hides knives and makes sure that all sharp objects are locked away to make sure nobody gets hurt)


Oh come guys, let’s keep it friendly. :slight_smile:

Everybody can be frustrated by what he/she wants… And while I personally also do not mind if people are playing unranked games only, it is always good to discuss things. And similarly a forum posts also hurts no one and nobody is forcing you to read them… So you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the option of non-ranked games and would hate if those disappear or do you have a different idea how to battle the issue @sTan?


I would argue that there simply is no issue to battle here. Assuming that people who play primarily unranked games are all doing so to deceive beginners is simply unfair and stupid, and I don’t think we should be treating a thread made to call out a specific player based on a faulty assumption as having any legitimacy.


then please keep your blade in the sheath :wink: you know for sure how to use the pen like a sword (I also, rather like a scalpel, but both can hurt).




I agree.


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