How Long Does It Take Ordinary People To "Get Good" At Go?

A deeper reading of the article gives the feeling that no really interesting conclusion came out of the stastistical study.

Improving need motivation to improve, which can come with studies, not just playing games. Studies data are not available.
Then the quest to improve is not a prerequisite to play on OGS. You will get wrong answer by asking the wrong people.

It’s easier at low level as at higher level but is that really something we didn’t know?

The pollution of the datas with cheaters, sandbaggers etc… is a real problem. ( but here, i guess, lies some efficient tools to detect them for our admins). The author thinks that’s marginal but that’s only his own opinion.

There are some side statistics although in this articles which could be interesting to provide from OGS datas.

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I don’t even know my level. OGS says I am 9k, but I know I am pretty bad for years and years. Does it mean I will never get good?

Your rating is not here to tell you how good you are but to give you the opportunity to play opponents of the same level as you, and doing so giving you more fun in your games.
9k is just a level between beginner and master.
There are a lot of topics here about how to play better if someone wants to. But playing better doesn’t mean having more fun in itself, as it has more light but more constraints too (read deeper, respect the shapes etc… )

What if I like losing is fun, and levels implied from bad to good so it is telling me how bad I am, isn’t it?

In my opinion, keeping losing is not that fun.

It depends what level you consider as “good”. What level do you want to reach and why?

It also depends how much and which kind of effort you already have put into studying the game and how much and which kind of effort you are willing to put for the next 5 years.

I bet that a motivated 9k and serious in his way to study the game investing time will not need 5 years to see progress.

Seeing progress, probably. But “getting good” may be another story if the person sets the bar too high: 1 dan is certainly difficult to reach for most people in less than 5 years.

Then 5 years is too short anyway.

Are you struggling to reach 1 Dan? Do the normal methods just not work for you?

Try getting private lessons from @Clossius1 !

(Works best if you can somehow manage to spend 8+ hours a day studying for several months straight. Refer to your doctor before taking 8+hours of studying daily for months on end.)

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According to Rating Histogram Comparisons at Sensei's Library 9k is about the median level of active go players in Europe and North America, so I’d say that 9k is pretty good, similar to a 1400 USCF rating, which would correspond to a typical club player in the US

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Indeed, but those issues het smoothed over by the over-abundance of data and then the subsequent analysis. My point is that I do not think that we have such a huge data-set. :slight_smile:

We have more as 23 000 000 games… :rofl:

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Looking at some EGF graphs, it seems that most people reach their maximum level before 10 years of practice. It doesn’t mean that improving further is impossible, a more likely explanation is that most people lose interest in studying before 10 years. Above a certain level of course, studying is not enough and talent is really needed.

We do? I am impressed and I stand corrected then :slight_smile: