How much time to take per move?

I wonder if it was ever tested. In the rush to implement important systems, sometimes functionality doesn’t work but is never tested under actual service conditions. Imagine only one or two people having to implement this entire amazing go system by themselves…

I’ve found OGS mods to be very good about handling situations like that, but that’s just my experience.

So did I, but that is not the issue being discussed here. The issue is whether the “report to moderator” button is working. If it is not working, it ought to be fixed.

I agree the moderators are very nice and usually (actually always, in my experience so far) solve the problem fairly and quickly… once they get to the game in question. The two times I used the call moderator button weren’t spectacular successes, though I’m pretty sure it works, seeing as the flag got cleared afterwards.

Two solutions I can think of: Have more moderators (might be a problem finding suitable people) or, once a live game is “in dispute” (i.e. multiple resumes from scoring or someone called moderator) the game should be automatically locked until a moderator is free, and meanwhile the players can play another game or AFK or whatever.

Sorry for spawning an off-topic subthread.

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I like this idea … although I haven’t thought it through to all possible implications and consequences, and I don’t know about how difficult this may be to code.

But perhaps it’s worth a post of its own? In the development category perhaps? And perhaps a UserVoice entry? (In the latter case I’d always recommend an accompanying forum post.)

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