How to mention someone

How can I mention someone in OGS?

type enough of their name to get a unique result, then press tab

if you run into trouble with this, copy pasting the full link to their profile page into the chat rooms (not game chat or PM at this stage) will auto-convert to a name link

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About the title, it is best if you actually don’t write an irrelevant sentence, and instead make it reflect what the thread is about. This way, people know what to expect when they open your threads. I’ve done this for you.

Also, if you have small questions like this, you may consider to

  1. put them all in the same thread, instead of making a new one for each question,
  2. ask them in our “Questions that don’t deserve their own thread” thread, or
  3. ask them in the #Help chat.

FInally, we have an FAQ and a documentation, where you may be able to find the answer to some questions as well. :slight_smile:

Note that this only works in the chat channels, not in personal messages.

Here on the forums you can mention others by putting an @ symbol in front of their name, e.g. @o_oskai.