I don't care how it looks

Yes, ever one is treated the same. Let’s just put the fact that you all openly allow Battsgo to sandbag on your site and promote his stream. Batts has said that he had/has a 4 or 5 dan AGA rating. Yesterday, on the last stream Batts was playing on an account rated 1 dan. His opponent was 1 kyu when he played a ranked game. So, no the rules do not apply to everyone equally.

I don’t care to talk about my disability in the open. I will talk about it in the open, I said I will not talk about my medical history.


I believe Dwyrin plays unranked? (and he has already complained about OGS forcing him to do so)

There’s been quite lengthy discussions about that

Accommodating @Dwyrin - Support - Online Go Forum (online-go.com)


As far as I’m aware, the deal with Dwyrin is indeed supposed to be that he should play unranked games:

But I remember there are several voices saying that for teaching purposes an exception should be made for Dwyrin, since there’s a thing to be weighed here: whether the benefit his videos have on the Go community outweigh the drawback of people playing a sandbagger.

I don’t see how that applies to your situation. How would allowing you to sandbag have any benefits other than giving you the possibility to cut games short against opponents you don’t wish to play mid-way?

Having a disability does not change that ending ranked games prematurely is problematic. There’s an easy solution for those who cannot finish games to the end all the time, namely unranked games, thus I believe we do not exclude you from playing on this server with a disability that prevents you from finishing your games.

Please clarify why you need to play ranked as well as be allowed to abandon games?


Let me be clear, I am an open book when it comes to my disability. I will talk about it openly when asked, this is the only time I will just come out and say I have a disability. The one and only thing I will never talk about here is my medical history. People can ask and I will tell them. An example question I will answer is, How long have you been diagnosed? 3 years in July.

Do you not see how your logic is circular?

If you don’t want to be treated special play unranked games. Why do you need to play rank games? Anyone can play a ranked game, but I need to answer the question first. If I need to answer a question about why I should be allowed to play a ranked game, that is special treatment. For it not to be special treatment every mod has to ask everyone why they need to play rank games.

I am giving everyone a heads-up about something that may or may not happen. I am saying that there is a possibility that I can be reported as a sandbagger, because of my cognitive function decline. I know I have declined over the past year, which is why I am starting to play again.

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Anyone can play a ranked game, including you.

And the site rules will be applied to that.

No-one is allowed to say “I may use AI” at the beginning of a ranked game, and say “I told you so” to make it OK.

No-one is allowed to say “I may disappear unexpectedly” and say “I told you so” to make it OK.

If you have special considerations, you are still welcome to approach a moderator about it. My offer is open.

But please don’t bring a disability into this discussion about “I don’t want special consideration”.

It is very clear what the rules are, and why they are this way.


Then why do you keep answering why do I need to play rank games? You asked like 4 or 5 times.

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I asked you why playing unranked games doesn’t solve the particular problem that you are facing.

We have a range of features and options available that suit people with different circumstances. You presented a problem. I offered a solution.


I think there’s some ambiguity regarding what exactly you’ve been asking, and they don’t want to give you inaccurate advice regarding whether or not your potential use case follows the rules, so they’re asking more explicitly how you’re planning to play ranked so they can more accurately answer your question

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To be entirely clear, this is what you are and aren’t allowed to do:

:white_check_mark: play ranked
:white_check_mark: play ranked while experiencing cognitive decline
:x: abandon ranked games arbitrarily


And note (I think everyone here understands this, but just clarifying) that “Abandonment” means leaving the game without resigning. If you’re resigning/cancelling, that’s not abandonment, though it as mentioned may depending on the circumstances be an issue on other counts in ranked

Hmm actually I think we are also talking about resigning games that are not clearly lost. As this has an adverse affect on rank. (At least that’s why I worded it as “abandon ranked games”)

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I’d add

  • Playing unranked
  • Resigning unranked games arbitrarily (but not leaving them without resigning).

Yes, that is also being discussed, but unless I’m mistaken, that isn’t considered Abandonment on OGS, right? not saying it’s allowed, just that it’s not that particular thing

I personally had assumed that the person with cognitive impairment was talking about abandonment, which is leaving or failing to play - also known as “escaping” or “stopped playing”.

If games are abandoned while winning then it is also sandbagging.

If games are resigned while “not clearly losing”, that is “just sandbagging”.

Some kind of Venn diagram :smiley:


The “I don’t care how it looks” intro doesn’t invite a beat I’d like to dance to, for starters.


I’m guessing you like to play Go, and ideally would like to finish your games. Maybe play 13x13? They’re shorter, a very respectable alternative and over in less moves.


Unless unranked, in which case just Abandonment

Unless unranked, in which case I think it’s just allowed, if I’m not mistaken

Maybe you’re right. I was not referring to any OGS definition (I think OGS generally uses the word “escaping” anyway), but rather the definition OP had given earlier:

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Hence why I wanted to clarify what Abandonment means :slight_smile:

(Darn, my fault for introducing another word for the same thing :woman_facepalming: )

There have recently been some “guidelines” established for unranked games, where it’s been said that if you clearly arrange with your opponent before the game commences then you can do almost whatever you like in unranked games.

However, it’s important to be clear that this doesn’t mean you can establish these things in game chat. Once game chat is available, the game has already started, and your opponent is entitled not to be ambushed with proposals at that point.


Thue-Morse Go is safe!

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