I got removed out of site's ladder

I’ve been busy the past few days and lost a few games due to time out. And then I realized I’ve been removed from the site’s ladder 19x19 and 9x9. Last time I check my ranking was pretty high (top 20 in 9x9 and top 80 in 19x19) Could someone please help me fix it?

Thanks in advance

I just checked, I still have some ongoing games in the ladder. Here are the links


Sorry. This is intentional. Timeouts always kick from ladders. If you rejoin the ladder at the bottom you may fight your way back to your old position.


Thanks for letting me know. I think I’ll resign from ladder then

I believe if you rejoin ladder and win one of your on-going games it will still promote you normally, perhaps solving your problem. :slight_smile:
So, no pressure. :wink:


Thanks Kosh I couldn’t remember if that was the case or not.

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If you win any game from the above, you’ll reach that position in the ladder. It occours in both cases if you are challenging or challenged.

But first of all you need to join again the ladder, of course! :slight_smile: