Initial Pairing Bug for McMahon Tournament?

McMahon and Simultaneous McMahon both are distributing players in single rank bands.
While McMahon doesn’t respect the score for pairing, Simultaneous McMahon pairs players with the same score against each other if possible (if not possible, pair them against players with the closest score).

If you consider creating a SM tournament next time, be aware that it creates multiple games per player and round.

Even if the tournament had been created to go over 1000 rounds, we would see the same first round setup. The pairing algorithm simply does what it’s asked, to pair up the players using the Slide pairing method. It ignores the points of the players (against what many users expect a McMahon to do) but tries to do Slide pairing using player rank/rating instead.


Are you sure?
I think it uses score (points) first to build the list of players.
Then it applies the “slide” or “slaughter” or whatever to that list. So it doesn’t ignore points. In the first round the effect seems to be the same since rank are sorted almost identically than points.
I’m not sure though that the initial list sorted by score is actually also sorted by rank, but I’d need a screenshot of the initial paring to check that.

Someone able to read in the code could help here and to the question above.
@Eugene: is that piece of SW available?

Nope, it’s server-side.

Oh, well. :frowning:
Thank you

Oh boy, at least this is closer to what @DoubleSente is looking for.

Same happened using simple McMahon for his tournament, though. Two matches/round/player.

Well, what on Earth. I think it’s time we start a Simultaneous McMahon and go empirical on all this, compare the initial scores for everyone and so on.

False alarm, eh? :wink:

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THAT one. :P

I’m not convinced this is a false alarm at all. I’m with @flovo:

“Even if the tournament had been created to go over 1000 rounds, we would see the same first round setup.”

From what I’ve observed in the topic tournament, the behavior seems simpler than @lucasfelix is indicating, and I am skeptical that the number of rounds is the culprit. From what I can tell, it applied a simple slide on the list of players for initial pairings.

Thus, while I don’t concede that giving everyone a chance (virtual or practical) to win the tournament is a requirement of McMahon, we can probably leave that question aside for now. The first question is… did the number of rounds actually have anything to do with it?

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I would like to formally admit I have no idea what’s going on anymore—supposing I ever did. I’ve summoned @anoek.