Introduce Go to kids?

I haven’t had a great deal of success in getting my 8 year old daughter to play go. When she was between 4 and 5, she had fun moving the stones around, but as soon as she realized that there was strategy involved and stuff to be won and lost, she balked. Maybe I can get her back into it around 10-12 yrs old, but for now she’s having none of it.

Well, it’s been three years.

Did you have any luck?


May I just add on this that the context seems important.
If there are a lot of go activities in the family then introducing the game will be pretty easier. Or if you child join a go school with children around the same age.

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No, but my for my birthday last May, my wife told me she would (finally!) be willing to let me teach her how to play Go! Best present ever!

I started her off on my 19x19 for Beginners series, and she has found it helpful. So far, we’ve been playing games where we only play the first 50 moves, focusing on sente/gote, simple joseki, and corner > sides > middle kind of stuff.

We also have Katrain open so she gets expert assistance (I turn it off for my own moves) - and before she picks, we have a discussion about the top 3 move options, because Katrain often plays much more aggressively than she can relate to. At the end of 50 moves, we take a look at the Win% graph and she’s usually in the lead, so that provides some positive reinforcement as well.

Right now, these sessions feel very much like she’s lost in the woods, and relying on Katrain and me to lead her out, but I can also tell that she’s starting to absorb the fundamentals and beginning to make good decisions on her own. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, these will feel less like teaching, and more like playing.


Good luck :heart: sounds like a nice bonding opportunity, whether she eventually ‘gets it’ or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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