Intrusive game notifications

I would like to give this new notification system a try, since I’m finding the lack of notifications that persist on the screen until I dismiss them frustrating.

What is Bubble PPM? I visited its website and could not find a description.

No, that’s another, newer company called Bubble with an annoyingly bigger SEO budget.

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It’s a project and portfolio management system, software as a service for medium to large enterprise clients rather than end consumers. There’s an intro video on our homepage. So not a replacement for OGS notifications.

… unless your bubbly notification system is a package that’s open sourced?

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No: it’s part of the main, closed-source, codebase. We do make the very occasional contributions to some of the open-source libraries we use: I did a minor bugfix to django some years ago so I suppose some of my code is already running on the OGS backend :slight_smile: .