Is it possible to extract old ranks?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to find old elo ranks recorded somewhere? For research purposes?


I remember som artefacts in the players rest API, but I’m neither sure they were ELO Nor If they are still there.

No, I dumped that data awhile ago.


Was there a reason to dump it? It was just wasted space or?

I think there could be old artefacts of ratings logged in the chat in games. I can see games where the new rating system puts me at 9kyu (!) while in the chat it says I was 22kyu. It makes it very odd to look back at my first games, where I’m playing a level consistent with tpk I’d say, while the ratings have me jumping back and forth around 15kyu.

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I don’t think chat ranks are accurate. They’re close though, so it’s a bit confusing.

Look at old review request of mine.

7k vs 8k claimed but in chat I’m listed as 5k in messages. But when we look into api we see this:


30-22 = 8, 30-23 = 7, it matches! So old elo ranks are stored in games, indubitably.


Ok, maybe ranks in chat are overall. And in the games are categorized.

Yeah I couldn’t really tell from the api and OGS site game records. There was a few places that recorded rank in the api (under “players” another with “white_player_rank” adn “black_player_rank” and under “gamedata”), and it seemed like even the variables in the gamedata changed between 2016 and 2017.

That’s interesting anyway that you’re getting an idea of what each piece means.