Is there a Polite way to say that game is already decided?

My point is, beginners (I’m not saying weak players, since weak players may be not beginners) who may not be yet accustomed to the natural flow of the game, or not know how to navigate certain situations, shouldn’t be made to feel bad, if their opponent can help it.

There’s usually a nice way to say things. If the person who wants to finish the game starts their thought process with “this game has no more meaningful moves, so both me and my opponent would get no more satisfaction from playing it out” and not “this game is done for me, I don’t want to play any more and waste my time”, I’m sure the outcome will be a nice way to say it.

This is a category that either don’t know enough of the game and they indeed need someone to explain to them, or people who are vindictive when they lose and they indeed need to be avoided.

Full disclosure: I use score estimate very often to see if it’s time for me to resign. I’m unfortunately a bit used to it and realize sometimes in games with analysis disabled that my last moves were essentially meaningless. Following the answers I got in one of my earlier questions in the forums, I usually tell my opponents in chat that I’ll just try a couple of things and resign, or very obviously play moves that lead to scoring and not crazy stuff just to see what lands, so they can tell which way I’m going.

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