Is there a way to see how long you took for a move when reviewing a game

I don’t think there is but just checking. Eg looking back and seeing how long spent on what turned out to be a blunder…


I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to know how much time one had at a particular move. None of my reviewers ever commented on it unless they played the game against me themselves where they saw the time as it was happening.

I don’t think Sgf format allows storing time but I may be miss reading specification

Using API you can download the details of a game.


Last number in the URL is the game ID and can be retrieved from game page URL.

As you can see, there’s a list of all moves, each one with coordinates and a long number.
I think that could be the time for that move but I don’t know how to read it and don’t know where to find this information either.

If you want to investigate on that, please let me know what you discover.


I understand that mods can see the timings of moves but not sure if that info is accessible to us mere mortals. The implication is that’s it’s recorded somehow and it sounds like @Lys is onto something.


Now we need a specialist on time formats. :grin:
They aren’t seconds, but what are they?
How could we know that?

We could setup a game where we know how much time is spent for each move, so to learn the conversion rule for those numbers (or to understand that those aren’t times).

They are miliseconds :slight_smile:


Oh gosh, I already played a game against Amybot! :smile:
Well, I don’t need that anymore.
Thank you @AdamR

So @Sallmard, what you can do is:

  • download details for your game
  • clean up data (manually or using a software)
  • review your game with your timetable nearby

I don’t know about SGF.

All super helpful. In summary I play a lot too quickly when I shouldn’t :smiley:

It’s interesting to tie the blunders as flagged by AI back to how quickly they were played!


If I recall correctly, SGF is open-ended, and one can use new tags for extra information. That gives one way of adding the times of moves; the other would be to use specially formatted comments, such as I think I have seen Lizzie use to save extra information about analysis by KataGo or Leela Zero.

Personally I think it is well worth defining a new specific tag for, ideally in a new version of the SGF specification for Go. I would then favour a human-readable absolute time format such as yyyy-mm-dd-hh:mm:ss.xxxxxxx, where x is the decimal fraction of the second as accurate as the implementation feels like (bots might use sub-milliseconds). One could allow unchanged leading parts of the time to be omitted, and the time zone could be specified in the first tag. One could also add some notation for the remaining time control for the player who moved, or use a separate tag for that.


Lately this request has been coming up about once a week.

I think that’s a clear signal to nudge it up a few notches on the priority list.


Yes sgf allows custom tags and several other servers already include move time information in their sgf export. So before inventing yet another way of doing it (which is less likely to be supported in existing sgf editors) it would be good to see how they do it and copy them if it’s not absolutely terrible (Excel time anyone?).


Basically I agree, though I would regret a non-human-readable format.