Is there any progress on making a phone client?

I have been eagerly awaiting the android client for OGS. When I started playing here a couple of years ago, the client for my phone was the reason I choose this server. I really miss it, and to be honest the website is not all that easy to play on from a phone.

Has the OGS development team completely stopped the work on the client? Or is tehre any progress on any user made clients?

I have put the beta client on hold for the foreseeable future… we do have a full open and public api for the server, however. So in the meantime any aspiring developer could take up the slack there.

I hope someone does :slight_smile: Sadly I can’t do it myself. It would have felt good to be able to contribute.

Hey filosofen. :smiley:

Because matburt and anoek are working on cool new features for the website really hard, pathogenix has started working on a mobile client!

See this topic for further info:


Cf. @pathogenix“OGS mobile: Dev diary”

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