Jigo implementation? ✅

As do I.

This is an interesting idea.It seems feasible that draws could potentially become commonplace, for players of ranking/skill level Dan/P Dan AND/OR with matches containing players of relatively equal skill. I’m curious how a lot of draws might affect the ranking system. I’ve tried looking for the answer myself:

  1. OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!
  2. Glicko Rating System
  3. Example of the Glicko-2 system (excerpt, page 2)

We now want to update the rating of a player with (Glicko-2) rating µ, rating deviation
φ, and volatility σ. He plays against m opponents with ratings µ1; : : : ; µm, rating
deviations φ1; : : : ; φm. Let s1; : : : ; sm be the scores against each opponent (0 for a loss,
0.5 for a draw, and 1 for a win). The opponents’ volatilities are not relevant in the

I assume this means that a draw would count as a half win for each player in a match that ends in a draw? But I have asked for clarification.