Join Rated Online Open Tournament!

Since current situation makes any AFK go tournaments dangerous if not illegal to organise, Czech 2020 Corona Cup is officialy a thing.

This is official EGF rated online tournament. More info in this PDF file.

Let’s make the best of bad situation. Looking forward to playing you folk !

UPDATE: Added new version of propositions hosted directly on EGF server.


Playing site: KGS Go Server



You are free to raise that with the organizer. I am just enthusiast participant in the tournament. I guess they are traditionalists or have other reasons.

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EGF pros play on OGS but plebs are stuck with KGS

Is there an easy way to pay to IBAN?

And what confirms your payment?

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All these questions are to be directed at organiser - which I am not I would assume you can put your nick in payer message. Revolut is great for IBAN payments with lower fees than most banks.

Tournament now has a sponsor who provided additional prizes. More info on top

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Added new version of propositions for anyone interested

Irrelevant to the thread, but question: In Greek “Re!” is an insulting/friendly exclamation/ way of addressing someone (mostly insulting, but if very close to someone is also OK). AFAIK, it’s based on Latin res, meaning thing, so we are calling someone a thing, basically. Is your REE related to this? I’m interested.


  • What did you say to me, re? (angry way to reply to someone who said your tenuki was wrong)
  • Re you, tell me what you think. (asking a BFF for advice about tenuking)
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So where will the pairings be published? ^^

Nah, I’m not sophisticated like that. My reees are internet screech. Pepe the frog, all that stuff.

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I don’t know what this is, I’m not sophisticated like that. :woman_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue:

(no really I have no idea)

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If you signed in you should have gotten email by now. If not I advise to contact organiser

Yepp, all good, thx :slight_smile: