KataGo analyzer to solve tsumegos

The idea is simple: allow to use the katago analyzer anywhere, including in private/sample games. This will create a tsumego solver as a side effect.

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I found it not so easy to get katago to solve tsumego, since it might just tenuki instead of fighting to save three stones in a tiny corner or whatever.

I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I found that if you set up something just right you can trick it into solving some. I posted some demos of that here, for example:

Do you have some other approach in mind?

Just fill up the rest of the board with stones, so solving the tsumego remains the only choice.

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No need to fill all (just some sure territories).

Besides the problem is to no have AI used for help playing games between humans, so you cannot just allow katago everywhere.

I don’t know what katago analyzer is, can anyone tell me what it is?

It’s refering to the AI doing reviews on the games and used by the score estimator after the game too.

You can use katrain To solve Tsumego

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I’ve found out that OGS already has this tsumego solver: in any finished game simply undo all the moves, set up a tsumego and KataGo will analyze it. The only problem is KataGo is too smart: unless the rest of the board is set up perfectly, it will ignore the tsumego, play defensively and win by half point.


If so, will it still make the effort to solve tbe tsumego or just resign? I mean if you deny any life anywhere.

I came across a pretty impressive tsumego today: N/A. KataGo sees the race between two groups and decides to capture the open corner.