Lack of low rank BOTS for play

you have a choice today - 34k or 10k…

Why are the mid-teens no longer represented?

amybot-beginner is currently 23k. noob_bot_2 is currently 18k.


They are not available to select for play

I’m sorry to hear that. Possibly they are already engaged in playing the maximum number of games they can handle. I recommend trying again later.

In the meantime, if your objective is improvement, you might consider requesting a teaching game in the Forums. Human games are much more realistic than bot games in general.


It could depend on the time of the day also.

I can see amybot-ddk ~14k on now.

The bots are run individually by different players as opposed to hosted on OGS, so their admins have control as to whether the bot is on/offline and for how long etc.


amybot-ddk routinely floats up to 10-11k when it lists @ 14-15k

understand that they are hosted, however that doesn’t make the situation any better.

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Yes its rating does seem to fluctuate quite a bit. It plays quite a lot of games.

seems to be online now again.

I suppose that’s also true.

Is the suggestion or the way to improve then to add more bad bots, either from volunteers or whether the site itself could host say a bot at roughly each range of levels? (20+kyu, DDK, SDK, low dan, katago say?)

28k or 11k !? not friendly.

regardless your thoughts, bots are an expectation of the user community and a valid way to enjoy the site and game. However, the 28k bots are not even enough for a beginner and for a mid-teen player the 11k bots + are way to hard to be enjoyable.

We used to have a nice mid-teen selection and they are gone. Why? bring them back.

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As @shinuito noted above, the bots here are owned and operated by private individuals, not by OGS. Yes, this site used to have a good selection of mid-level and weak bots (at which time some people kept asking for more strong bots), and now most of those are inoperative. Why? Due to the private reasons of their owners. Perhaps the owner died, perhaps they moved on to the challenge of creating a stronger bot, perhaps they lost interest in go, perhaps they got tired of the work involved in administering bots. OGS has no power to “bring them back.”


Of course we could discuss if OGS should have ‘official bots’. Not at all a priority for me, but not unthinkable.


Of course OGS could and of course they should. GO is a dying game, new gamers should be a priority for all who play the game if they want to continue to be able to “play” the game at all.

It may not be a priority for a Dan player or a high ranking K player - there seems to oddly be a ton of those who just recently became such, it takes years to get that good legitimately for a recreational player. Official Bots on (one of) if not the largest GO internet destination would be a smart and needed step.

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Niche certainly, but I’ve only seen it grow. Why would you say it’s dying?

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Maybe that’s the way he plays it.

Maybe that’s the way he plays it.

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