Ladder game timeout issue


Hi, after winning a game by opponent timeout, the game is still listed in the ladder and I did not jump in the ladder - game finished about two days ago. However, my rating did change. After searching the forums, it seems to be a bug.
This is the game:



Yeah, for some reason every now and then ladder timouts get stuck. :confused:
I will notify our dev “team” :wink: to sort it out, please stand by for a while and sorry about the trouble.


Is there any estimate for how much longer shall I wait? It is somewhat frustrating to wait “for a while” if one does not know how long “a while” is…


Hm, huh what?
Should have been resolved that day. :smiley:
And I do not see the game hanging there anymore. Am I missing something as usual?

Feel free to PM me


well, the game is not hanging anymore, but I did not jump up as expected after winning the game. That is, I remained at the same position in the ladder.