Lets update the Shortcuts Docs!

Inspired by the revelation here The all-in-one democratic game. [The game] that you can use custom strings of 3 characters by holding ‘shift’ and clicking the board while on the Letter analysis tool.

It makes me feel like there must be so many tricks that I’m missing out on!

If you know any maybe we can collect them here and push an update to the documentation here https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/wiki/Advanced-Tips-&-Tricks#keyboard-shortcuts

Basically if you know of any tricks/tips (that’s the section) but in particular keyboard shortcuts drop a line :slight_smile:

Also if you happen to know the variations for different OS that would be cool.

As an example - you can ‘cmd+click’ on the board it pasts the co-ordinate into the chat.

I also have a suggestion that could be useful if we wanted to display some keyboard shortcuts on the main site. There’s a trick with some sites like youtube where if you press shift+? (well whatever button you would normally use shift to get a question mark) and it brings up keyboard shortcuts. That was something fairly intuitive and yet unintuitive at the same time. I only noticed it because my dog stepped on my keyboard one time and brought it up, then had to guess how to do it again. (Oh apparently it’s also cmd+/ or ctrl+/ https://support.google.com/sites/answer/189191?hl=en)

Some old (older?) documentation from an old forum post https://ogs.readme.io/docs/reviews-and-demos#keyboard-shortcuts)

Actually maybe making a table would be good! I think ‘Review’ should include analysis demo etc - unless it turns out it doesn’t work there.

Shortcut Where? Winows Mac Linux Android iOS
Coordinates into Chat* GameBoard Cmd+Left Click n/a n/a
Coordinates into Chat GameBoard alt+Left Click n/a n/a
Custom Label ReviewBoard with Alphabet label Selected Shift+Left Click n/a n/a
Change Label to Letter/Number ReviewBoard with Alphabet/Number label Selected Press Letter Or Number key to select Press Letter Or Number key to select Press Letter Or Number key to select n/a n/a
Jump to lower Case letters** ReviewBoard with Alphabet label Selected Press Letter Z and click on board Press Letter Z and click on board Press Letter Z and click on board n/a n/a
Jump to move from chat Game Chat Click move number above comment Click move number above comment Click move number above comment Tap move number above comment Tap move number above comment
Swap Stone Colour ReviewBoard with Black or White stone selected (not alternate) Hold Shift n/a n/a
Jump to start/end game Game/Review Board Home/End? fn+left/right arrow n/a n/a
Jump to back/forward 10 moves Game/Review Board Page Up/Down? fn+up/down arrow n/a n/a
Delete Branch from current node Review Board Delete/Backspace? Backspace/Delete n/a n/a
Bring up hamburger menu to search user Anywhere? ` Backtick §/± key or Backtick n/a n/a
Bring up Notifications menu Anywhere? ~ key using shift+Backtick ~ key using shift+Backtick n/a n/a

Some tricks:
*The coordinates to chat allow for things like A0 and U20 off the board. Funny enough the whole column to the left of ‘A’ is ‘pass’.
**If you want to only use lower case letters, once you place the ‘Z’, you can place an ‘a’ and then click the ‘Z’ again to remove it, and the labelling will continue ‘b’,‘c’… etc
eventually cycling back to capital ‘A’.

  • Probably worth linked here for things you can do in chat Chat shortcuts
  • Not really a site shortcut, but you can use tab button and shift+tab to navigate/highlight buttons and press enter to choose a link. It means in theory you can navigate to all of the top buttons (Home Play games etc,) including ones not visible with the tab/shift and enter. Adding to that with the search bar hotkey Backtick you can tab and shift tab up and down that menu.

Thanks @BHydden :slight_smile: Apologies if I’m making too many updates. I’m just testing things out and seeing what works, and/or finding things in old documentation :slight_smile:


I probably won’t test too many OS myself, and there’s other keyboard layouts that could be mention…


Oh ? key brings up keyboard shortcuts here on forums too :slight_smile:


I think Linux will probably be similar or the same to the Windows shortcuts. I know ctrl+LMB pastes the coordinate into chat, and home/end jump to the start/end of the game, for starters.


I was considering not adding a linux column, but just on the off chance :stuck_out_tongue: It could probably be taken out or left blank.

Or it wouldn’t have to port over to the github docs if it goes that far I suppose

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not at all, I absolutely love this thread <3 great work!

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I finally got around to adding more things to the Keyboard Shortcuts section, prompted by @AdamR Game chat alt-click position feature - #11 by AdamR

So they’re here anyway.

I also found a few extra ones by searching the github repository for KBShortcut. This seems to find a lot of the shortcuts in various places.


Now that’s using the old noodle!
Awesome, thank you.


Not strictly a keyboard shortcut, but you can make a link a game link be to a particular numbered move by adding /{insert move number} to the game url. So for example


goes to game number 425048, and


goes to move 92 in that game.

See https://forums.online-go.com/t/new-feature-skip-to-move-with-url


FYI, there’s some new in-game shortcuts:

"Zen mode" : Shift-z
"Toggle coordinates" : Shift-c
"Enable/Disable AI review" : Shift-i
"Analyze game" : Shift-a
"Review this game" : Shift-r
"Estimate score" : Shift-e
"Back to Game" : Shift-p

I don’t think they’ve been documented yet though.


That’s really nice :slight_smile:


Thought y’all might like it! (Credit goes to kyleacmooney, OGS handle unknown)