List of all chat shortcuts

I liked it when I typed #{game_id} in chat and it turned into link but that seems to be not working anymore. You have to write complete “game {game_id}” now for it to work?

Is there a list of all chat shortcuts and hot keys?

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I think I know most, but @flovo can give will more accurately know the full list, since he’s the author of those changes :slight_smile:

There’s /senseis for a Sensei’s Library article.

#gameid was removed for main chat with

I don’t know all of them, but from a quick look through the code I was able to find the following:

For most things on the site you can use the word (game, ladder, user, joseki, group, puzzle, review, demo, tournament, tutorial) followed by the id

gh, issue, or pr followed by the github issue number


/me (creates a third person emote)

as well as link replacements for OGS views, wiki articles, github issues

This is probably far from a complete list, but it’s a start.

I’ve created a new topic, explaining all changes I made.