Losing Rank When You win

Sometimes when I win games my rank goes down and sometimes when I lose my rank goes up. I think that this should change, even with the rolling average, I don’t think you should ever lose points for a win and gain points for a loss. Even if you gain zero points for winning against someone who is 10 kyu below you or lose zero for someone ten kyu above it is better than going in the wrong direction. Is there a way this could be factored into the new rating system because it has been bothering me for awhile.

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There’s already several other threads discussing this already, but the short version is that, because the rating system is working on a 15-game sliding window currently, if a particularly good game fell off the end of that window, and the last game you played didn’t add a larger number of rating points, your rank can go down after a win. In the end, this system produces more accurate ratings, although it does feel ‘wrong’.

That being the case, anoek knows this is a bad user experience and is planning to tweak it to prevent that. It happens, on average for the site (not necessarily for you specifically) about 12% of the time.


Thank you