May 2015 TNL Pairings

Hey TNLers,

So here it finally is! After sorting everyone in the league by live (only) ratings (with the help of @saxmaam), we are here with our league pairings! March winners, sorry for taking away your promotion privileges this time, but I’m sure the new groupings will spark good games! I believe that a calibration every 3 months will be a healthy mechanism for the league, too! :smile:

It was a hard decision to disqualify those who failed to complete 50% of their March games…We all have busy lives, and it’s totally understandable if March didn’t work out best! If you don’t see yourself in the pairings list, don’t worry; registration for June TNL will reopen on May 19, which will be a good time for us to welcome you back!

Due to my workload managing TNL and other projects on OGS, I have to personally drop out of the May league. Hopefully I’ll find a month to rejoin! :smile:

Cheers, xhu98
OGS Team

##(Names listed in order of class placement; notice that the reference ranks are only for live ratings, not overall ratings)
A1 (4d-1d): Sadaharu, mushroom, 108, mark5000, gor
A2 (3k-5k): inspere, IcedEarth, havefun, Senffarbe, pablo_abc

B1 (5k-6k): albiatros, iridium, Françisa, yuri, Sagi
B2 (7k): Titus99, flakeman2, gubbelface, Happyy, Rikhon, HelioSeven

C1 (8k-9k): nadoss, Oni, KoBa, grayson, Oblong
C2 (9k): He Who Walks in Shadows, Bastian, Erasmas, farful, nomadfarmer

D1 (10k): leto2, GeckoNaptime, Ornable, RoboTeddy, hqrpie
D2 (10k-11k): Yukontodd, Amazing, Basti-B, yellow, gohiontach

E1 (11k): emchide, chomesy, SivartKceBael, Criculann, mallen11, pingponggo
E2 (11k): Virtualis, Tyco, gRUR, baelofoax, Shaharyar.

F1 (12k): elfinmajic, Vicarios, Azunjau, Arcos, Samraku
F2 (13k): Bjondro, RickBerg, HowToPlay?, NinthImage, αlexander

G1 (13k-14k): gogeo, mkei, Kwaksha, Winkla, jxlp, terr
G2 (14k): ACYK2, a111a111, michiha, Laon, herbie

H1 (14k): victusnex, Artur Trofimov, MJH, Eorgosa, benific23
H2 (15k): Sincerus_Serpens, Tarot, TheIronKraken, nham, srl1

J1 (15k-16k): saxmaam, dustyd, Ashurax, Allen2014, BulletD0dger
J2 (16k): alasdairgo, Shenzao, juhu, archpaladin1, DrQuantum

K1 (16k-18k): fudogami, Feeorin, letiks, 3axapu, Ketekete
K2 (18k-21k): 澤利科, SgtSunshine, xanatax_go, hien, animeboy225


Please let me know if you have any questions!! Lots of work here and there could be mistakes…

Thanks xhu98 and saxmaam for your hard work!

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When you schedule a game, please post it here or in the calendar thread so we can put it on the calendar.

Thanks to everybody who’s working on the league! Very grateful!

I really appreciate there being a calendar again (so thanks saxmaam!) but I’m curious why a calendar with moderators rather than an open wiki like where people can just enter their own games as they are scheduled? To me it seems like it just creates more work for league volunteers, but maybe I’m missing something!

So glad people are still finding the time and energy to make the league happen!

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No, I just didn’t think about researching and choosing a wiki. I guess we’ll stick with google for now.

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gohiontach v. Amazing, Monday, May 4th, 2100 UTC
gohiontach v. yellow, Tuesday, May 5th, 1600 UTC

[nvm, this post won’t be updated!]

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@saxmaam has a good point. I think I will try to clean up the thread regularly; however, it’ll be great if the original poster could delete the post after all the games in that post are completed.

Yeah, would be great if Discourse could notify post edits…

Hello, I withdrew from the league two months ago and am not able to rejoin at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

PSA on time settings:

May 2015

Time setting: Byo-yomi, 30:00+5x30s

I wonder why i am not in this pairings?..

I’ll be helping out as well. don’t check the forums as much as i should so if you see me online you can let me know directly and i’ll add your information it to the calendar asap

Edited pairings list accordingly. Thanks for letting me know!

League rules require 50% completion of games from the previous month. From our Challonge records, it seems that you only played 2 games out of 6 in class E1.

We are sorry for the inconvenience! However, feel free to come back in June! :smile:

Thank you for all your work!
I think though that overall ranks would be more useful for pairings, cause if I understand it right they are closer to the “real” level. For example lots of people play mostly correspondence and get better, but live rank stays the same and gets lower and lower than overall. I think if you pair together people with the same overall rank they would be more closely matched. Or not?
Just noticed several people in group several stones below their level of play…

I guess it depends a lot on the person. Personally I would consider quitting if I got matched based on overall rank since it is a lot worse than my live rank due to bad performance in correspondence. At least lots of won or lost league games will have some influence on the live rank if somebody doesn’t play any other live games, while it would be possible to have enough correspondence or blitz games and playing much better or worse in them to negate any influence on overall rating. Of course it would be better to make exceptions for anyone with obviously false life rating.

I was one who wanted to pair by live rank. The games are live. If I am paired by my correspondence rank, I lose every game. In March I won zero games. In February, I won one.

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I guess if I had to be paired by overall rank, I’d make a separate account and only play live games in the league account. But then what’s the point of having the different ranks computed?


ok, guess it’s not so simple
till now I was sure that usually overall rank is more dependable and higher (or the same:))

it would be interesting to check what is in fact more common
maybe there isn’t a decision that is good for everybody

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