May 2015 TNL Pairings

i think the 4 ranks in OGS is extremely confusing and isn’t helping anyone

maybe there are enough league games that we can maintain a league ordering just
based on win/loss like a ladder?

but sure, since the games are live, using the live rank makes more sense Sax

gohiontach v. Basti-B, Wednesday, May 6th, 1400UTC

Class J1
Ashurax vs. dustyd, Tuesday May 19th 9pm UTC

Class J1
dustyd vs. allen2014, Wednesday, May 20, 1 am UTC

Class D1, GeckoNapTime vs. hqrpie, May 23rd, 5 pm UTC

Class F1, Samraku vs. Vicarios, 2015-05-22, 12:00 UTC

Class D1, hqrpie vs Ornable, May 30th, 5 pm UTC