Mirror Go?

I think you’re missing the point of trolling. I might just want to waste your time by mirroring every move even if I lose.

If your opponent is only out to waste your and his time, there are many ways to do that besides mirror go.


I’m not sure many people troll like this, though.

And indeed, what gennan says above.

It’s mostly invulnerable in 9x9 Go.

To clarify, I wasn’t asking because I dislike mirror Go.

I’d just rewatched this Yeonwoo video Beating Ai with mimicGo! Found ai's weakpoint?! if this works, 18kyu also can beat ai haha - YouTube and I wanted to quickly check whether I’d be getting a mod message if I gave it a go on OGS (against a human, that is).

As one might expect, “mirror chess” has also been tried.

In this 14-move (28-ply) 1918 game against an amateur, Capablanca breaks the mirroring with a check, unleashing a swift mating sequence. He’s able to pull this off by the natural reason of being one tempo ahead – so a good way to overpower mirror chess seems to be to play aggressively so as to emphasise White’s one-tempo advantage.


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If you started beating a bot repeatedly using mirror go after establishing that it has a weakness there, that’d be when you’d be getting a message…

Trying it out once to see if you can achieve it would be fine.


Is that important for rated games so that bots ratings don’t nosedive if they have a weak point?

There’s a good argument that bots shouldn’t even be allowed to play rated games against humans.

It causes more trouble than it’s worth, imo.


Not only the bot nosediving, but the human falsely inflating their rank.

The killer argument is that people want them there to establish a rank - avoiding the wretched “I don’t want to play [?] people” people.

If it weren’t for that, I’d be strongly arguing with you.

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Ah yes, the two sides of the coin, I forgot :slight_smile:

Then how about only allowing ranked games against established bots for [?] players?


I thought of another thing: how do bots establish their rank if they are not able to play ranked games?

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If the bots are superhuman then there’s no need for them to have a rank.

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But many are not superhuman…

[?] bots would be able to establish their rank against humans and bots that already have an established rank.

As we all know Ali played mirror today.

When Ilya broke the mirror it was like a 2-point mistake and Ali got a slight lead which is better than what he’s started with on the empty board. And that’s the point of mirror go.


I guess this is the general manego thread now.

See also How to counter a player who's mirroring your moves? (2019) and Mirror Game (2018).

Andrew Grant’s 1983 article on the subject in BGJ #61

Of especial interest is the first diagram given, showing a way for White forcibly capture the tengen stone and create assymetry if Black will not abandon the mirroring.

Just dug up this thread, as the topic of Mirror Go is coming up ever so often, and quite often it is brought by people who are terribly annoyed by their opponents mirroring their moves :rofl: (sry but not sry 4 the laff)

If you believe your opponent is “trolling” you when they mirror your moves, that they are “mocking” you … maybe it is time to ask yourself: Are your moves “good” moves or are they “bad” moves?


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