Misc feedback

I love the system overall but have a few annoyances:

  1. On the Android app when I click Play Online, sometimes it shows “searching” but often there is no indicator that it is searching - very confusing.

  2. The “Live” mode makes me nervous having to rush thru the game but Correspondence mode is too slow - really would like to see a “Relaxed” mode or even customizable.

  3. Sign-in is confusing. It’s not intuitive that I have to say no to having an ogs acct when I seem to have one.



Did you try the “create” button?

P.S. Or are you referring to the Android app in your point #2 ?



Welcome to the forum!

For suggestions/feedback concerning the android app you better post them directly in this topic:

You can create your own custom offer and ask for slow time settings. Then the question will be to find players interested in slower time settings too (there are)
OGS works well in a browser on a mobile phone, that gives more options as an alternative. Both are interesting whatever.

Have fun on OGS!


Depending on how slow you like you slow games, Groin’s Long Live Dojo is available.


Thanks for the tips. Yes I was using Android and noted your advice. One more suggestion: would be nice if when select to play against the computer it would clarify whether games are rated or not.

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Ranked/unranked: It’s a choice you make when you create/ask for. When your game comes from the list of game offers, It’s clearly indicated too.
(That’s in the browser. I dunno how it works on app.)
Later, when the game is running, the info is under “info on the game”

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Perhaps to be clearer: the Android app is just fan-made.

It’s great, but it’s not an official part of OGS and is not maintainted by the OGS team, which is why @Groin suggested this feedback would be better posted in the app thread he linked if it only relates to the app.