Mobile view of Joseki Explorer

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  • Firefox.
  • Phone and Notebook
  • Site in portrait mode. (On desktop shrink the window width)
  • Happens from time to time after opening JosekiDictionary or playing a stone.
  • sometimes it corrects itself immediately, sometimes it takes a few seconds to find the correct layout, sometimes it stays that way.

Thanks - nasty! What is the resolution?

Did you see that anoek recently switched the site to using React resizer for the Goban.

I fear that the issue will be somewhere entangled in that…

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I just reproduced it with Firefox on my macbook.

Firefox resizing response is utterly awful, it seems.

In contrast to Chrome, every time the window redraws during resize in Firefox, the Goban is wrongly drawn “on top of” the page, then re-rendered pushing the page down to the right place.

Chrome never renders it with the Goban in the wrong place - it just smoothly resizes.

If you stop resizing with Firefox at just the right moment, it gets “caught” in the wrong place.

I took this video to demonstrate:

Fascinatingly, I was able to stop resizing at a point where Firefox got in a fast loop, doing it wrong then right. For some strange reason, the video capture tool was unable to capture this, and it appears static in the video.

I wonder if this is a Firefox bug, or a mis-use of the React-resize thing by us?

Further info: the “Game” page doesn’t have this particular problem, but it does behave oddly: if you resize to a portrait layout, the layout of the whole game page doesn’t do the responsive thing, resizing the Goban and putting the chat underneath, until a move is played!

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