Most basic, simple courtesy online

Just curious, where did you set up that macro ? on OGS or as a browser add-on ?

also a surprising ammount of people does not have a validated e-mail (not sure if privacy concerns, or just lazy :slight_smile: ) those are also unable to answer greetings.


Neither—nor, it’s a systemwide text expansion app for macOS:

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Bugchat violated community guidelines, told me to take my topic somewhere else even though it’s a perfectly legitimate topic. That is an abuse of privileges that was directed at me. You’ll notice that his post has been edited to bring it in bounds. Suggest more interest in what was said to me to prompt the comment than in how I describe it, huh?

Don’t you think that leaving your own topic after being disgruntled about one single comment is in the very least a little disrespectful to the 15 other people who replied constructively to this topic? Especially since this topic is about basic manners and such…


I didn’t mean to dismiss your comments or anyone else’s. I’m also not arguing if what was said is against the rules/guidelines. What I meant is that I don’t think there’s reason to be so offended as to just leave because of a couple of lines that probably came out a bit more harsh than intended.


I think that how we talk, and how we carry ourselves when we choose to do so has a greater bearing on courtesy than whether or not we choose to. It’s easy to come across as pointlessly argumentative, or pedantic, or hostile. Choosing to react to others in a gracious manner, instead, does more to foster a welcoming community than always saying “hi” or “thank you for the game” does.

I find Go players on OGS, for the most part, to be quite courteous in that regard. While not everyone is overly friendly or welcoming, the number of people who are hostile or outright rude here is as low as I’ve found in just about any online community. I’ve had a grand total of one person flame me in chat, and the mods gave them a warning and a chat ban, as a result, and far more people that are open, friendly, and more than happy to go over a game with me once we’re done playing.


Don’t give me orders about what to do. Some nerve chastising me when you didn’t object to Bugchat’s post which he was required to modify.

Whoa there … everybody please take a cold shower for most basic, simple courtesy.

Closing this for now.