Multilingual Go Book Project: Updates and new chapters

Some more great news with another COMPLETE translation of the project’s book. This time it is for the Romanian language and, unlike other times, there were no incremental chapters released, since there was a different process followed this time.

The Romanian version is the only added version where the translation and typesetting is made by the same person, in this case by the awesome and hard-working George Stihi who had everything that was needed, so he decided to offer to do the translation directly on the typesetting tools, thus reducing the complexity of the process.

He and his colleague Gheorghe Paun also did the final proof-reading, thus the only thing that was left for me to do was compile all the files and make the cover, so that it can be uploaded and printed.

This way another full translation has been added to the The Multilingual Go Book Project and to our desire of making Go content more accessible to new players and Go teachers, in their native language.

I cannot thank mr. Stihi and mr. Paun enough for their amazing effort. Words fail to explain how much work they put into this and I am extremely happy that it has been completed.

To balance my miniscule contribution out, for this version I am in the process of arranging for 100 printed copies to be produced soon and they will be sent to mr. Stihi in Romania to manage them and be distributed for free or given as tournament prices. I will keep everyone informed when this happens. As always, please, if you spot any mistake or typo, let us know so that we can improve the text.

Just like with the previous completed versions, the uploads are in three formats (greyscale, CMYK and compressed greyscale). You can download the chapters for free from the project’s website and you are welcome to contribute in any way you can, especially if you want to help with the translation of the book in your own language. Just send me a message and we can get it started.

Be well and have fun playing Go! :slight_smile: